For many of us, our vehicles are like our home away from home. From the daily commute to work to picking up the kids after school, we spend a reasonable amount of time inside them. As much as you love your new vehicle from Glockner South Point Ford, it's inevitable that it's going to get dirty. Keeping your car looking like new inside and out does take a little work, but it is possible. Here are a few things you can try to make it look like it's ready for the showroom floor again.

Timing Is Critical 

If possible, try to wash your car when the temperature isn't too high. With extreme heat, it's likely that your cleaning solution will dry off before you have time to rinse it. Pick a cooler spot in the shade, and be sure to pre-rinse your vehicle before you begin the process.

Get Rid Of Your Interior Clutter

Before you get ready to vacuum, spend a little time removing all necessary items that can't get picked up with a vacuum. The inside of your car can be filled with gum wrappers, children's toys, and everything in between. You might even get lucky and find some missing money that was lost a while back. Seat mats should be taken out one at a time and vacuumed thoroughly. If they are made of rubber, you can wash them with warm soap and water. 

Hard To Reach Spaces Inside

Other than using the smaller attachments when you vacuum, some areas in the inside of the car can seem impossible to clean. For your air vents, try using a cotton swab or small toothbrush to get in those smaller areas to remove dust and debris. A duster with a long reach can be your best friend when trying to dust your dash or in between the center console.

The Proper Way To Wash

Ever wonder how your car looks so great if it's had a wash from Glocker South Point Ford? Washing your vehicle with the correct steps will always result in a superior result. This is the way you wash your car like a professional.

  • After it has been rinsed, start from the roof and work your way down the sides. 
  • Use an appropriate car wash solution (not dish soap), and change out your bucket of water when it gets dirty.
  • Use W-D 40 for dead bugs on your headlights and bird droppings on your car. 
  • Use a water blade or squeegee to dry your car quickly, then wipe clean  use a microfiber cloth so your car doesn't scratch

How To Restore Your Headlights

The grime on your headlights not only looks ugly, but it can compromise your safety during night driving. Get a tube of whitening toothpaste and a little bit of baking soda and smear it onto your headlights. Use a rag to wipe away and repeat the process if it's needed.

Your Perfect Solution For Cup Holders

Cup holders are quite tricky to get clean because they can accumulate dirt at the bottom and the space is too small to reach with your hand. Grab a small plastic cup and put an old sock or cloth over it. Then, spray the bottom with a cleaning solution. You can now place the cup inside the cup holder and use a twisting motion back and forth to get that area clean. 

Removing Stains From Cloth Seats

Over time, your precious cloth seats can form some unsightly stains that make your car look unappealing. Patience is the name of the game when you're trying to lift stains. Mix together white vinegar, some dish soap, and hot water. Apply it on your stains and scrub vigorously with a brush and wipe clean. 

Some Unique Hacks To Make Your Car Smell Great

Now that we've covered a few ways to clean your car, we want to give you a few tips to make it smell fresh too. Here are a few things you can try. 

  • Sprinkle baking soda on your seats and on the floors. Let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum it.
  • Consider buying car seat covers if you have pets or kids. They can easily be removed and washed as needed.
  • Gather some dryer sheets and place them under your car seats.
  • Use a few drops of essential oils when you clean, such as lemon or rosemary. 

If you didn't realize it before, keeping your car clean is an essential aspect of proper maintenance. Doing so will help your car last longer, and it will look better too. In between getting your car cleaned, it's also imperative to keep up with your recommended maintenance schedule. Call or contact Glockner South Point Ford to make an appointment today!


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